Follow Your Curiosity and Intuition

Have you ever had the desire to hop on a plane, with the destination unknown, and nothing more than intuition to guide you? Me too, and so it all begins right now.


With my eyes closed I lean back into the head rest of the noisy DeHavilland's well worn leather seat. As the loud buzzing of the turbo propped beast's engines invade my ears, a cartoon image pops into mind. I see a troupe of what looks like chubby bumble bees coming out of the thick cloud cover. They are sporting old fashioned flight goggles, and flying in sloppy formation. Sitting atop the lead bee is yours truly. My auburn curls blowing furiously in the wind and my wide smile is dangerously close to attracting oncoming flying insects. Strapped to my back is my artist's portfolio, stocked with enough supplies to paint several masterpieces, all to be inspired by what lies ahead. I don't have a clue where I am going, and I couldn't be happier. Much like the determined, yet clumsy unit flying behind me, I have no doubt I am going to reach my destination safely. Wherever that may be. I have a strong sense that all I am required to do is move forward with open arms, an open mind, and above all, an open heart. The days, weeks, or maybe months ahead will be determined not by me, but by something far more significant. Faith. Faith that it will all work out as it should.

My first stop, Italy. I have no idea how long I will be in Italy, or where I will go when I feel the desire for change. I may be away a month, I may be away for 4 months. All I know is today I sit in the middle of Florence, Sketch book in hand and the sounds of all things Italian surrounding me. Tomorrow will be another story, as I will head in the direction of the beautiful Tuscan landscape that promises beauty, fine wines and new adventures.

Stay tuned for the next page in what is sure to be an inspiring, surprising and wonderful adventure for this little wandering artist.

(in case you are wondering about the photo.... As the Italian women enjoyed their cigarettes and early morning chit chat, a tiny delivery truck pulled up in front of the hanging basket below. A gentleman got out and walked to the back of the miniscule van. He opened the doors, took out 2 loaves of fresh bread. He approached the basket, took out the awaiting euros and replaced them with the baked goods. Possibly the sweetest delivery system I have witnessed.)

What goes in the basket is so much fun........