Spring Fever

An outbreak of Spring Fever is upon us.  Do you know the signs and symptoms to watch out for? 

They say it's a real thing, this Spring Fever.  it may show up with feelings of restlessness and can leave us in any number of moods.  Excitement, laziness and amourousness are but a few of its side effects.  I think perhaps I too am experiencing a bout of this seasonal malody.  I find myself somewhat upended. For goodness sake, my last several paintings are pink!  I dont paint pink, I dont wear pink, except lipstick, I definitely wear pink lipstick. 

I recently spent a few months travelling abroad, and upon returning from London I was pleased to deliver my latest creations to the gallery.  What would she think?  What would she say?  What do I think for that matter? Where does ones inspiration come from?  How do we harness it, and how do we then release it into the world?  The answer?  I dont know.  I just pick up a brush and from somewhere, somehow, a painting is born.  I can tell you that over the past few months I hiked along seaside cliffs, got caught in gales, saw the most amazing sunsets, watched butterflies dance, witnessed the first daffodils popping,  walked the bustling streets of London, rode trains across the idyllic countryside, ferried across oceans, and from a distance watched my wee grandson growing, learning, and all the while the world was spinnning. Whether we step outside or not, the world will spin its beautiful self.   

Imagine me then standing in my studio, a five foot blank canvas staring at me, and I don't have a clue what I'm about to paint on it.  So what do I do?  I grab a brush and some paint and I say to the canvas,  (because yes, I talk to the canvas) "I cant wait to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you".   I have faith.  I crank up the music and I begin painting.  Suddenly there are butterflies, or maybe they're birds, appearing. Strange flowers are growing and lilting in the wind, sunshine is flowing, waves are churning, and tulips draped in white satin are dancing across my canvas.  These are some of the new works that were created as my Spring Fever was in its early stages. 


 As for the laziness and amourousness, well maybe theres some of that too.  I think its all part of the balance of life.  Chocolate in one hand, a bowl of salad in the other. Isn't that what life is all about?  Learning to balance our good with our bad, our strengths with our weaknesses, and our willingness to see the good in things, when it is often difficult to find.

While I am in Canada I find myself balancing being a working artist and being a new doting grandma, trying to put a diaper on a tiny raging bull, as he climbs on top of one of my newly finished paintings, and just enjoying and being grateful for this beautiful life every day.  Thats my world spinning, thats the world I navigate through right now, thats the world I am blessed to be in.

May you find yourself equally bathed in joy, in whatever form it comes in.

My latest "pink" works can be found at the beautiful Tutt Street Art Gallery in Kelowna, and on my website www.pattyfeist.com.

I'd be honored if you choose to share this and any other blog that you find enjoyable with your friends.  Now get out there and let Spring Fever fill you with joy.