Life Is Full of Surprises

Now there’s a statement we can all agree on. There isn’t a person amongst us that has not been completely delighted, dumbfounded, disheartened or disturbed by what has been laid out on their path as they innocently, or not so innocently meandered this planet’s surface.


You may or may not have noticed that nary a blog has left my fingertips in the last year. An entire year. I am neither delighted, disheartened, disturbed nor dumbfounded about this fact. What I am is….. I guess I was just in need of a little time. Time to heal from the various damages that I had sustained over the past while.

The truth of the matter is, I went travelling a year ago, even posted something called “The Travelling Artist” so that I could keep my friends in the art world, as well as family members apprised of my whereabouts and my creative endeavors. But alas, there weren’t any. Why? Because I broke myself. Well my hand at least. That put an end to my creative ways for quite some time. But now, I am healed, in all sorts of ways, and I am ready to get back in the saddle. To be honest, I have been in the saddle the entire time. I just chose to slow down and enjoy the ride in a different fashion.


Over the last year I travelled through 8 countries. I know how fortunate that is. Each and every place I visited left its mark on me in some way. Some in brilliant, artistic ways, others in damaging and dark ways. But, I wouldn’t change a thing. All of it will be reflected through my brush, it is merely a matter of time. I have already painted several pieces, even one while I was still in the cast. Amazingly enough I quite love that piece. I call it “Broken”. I have had a few people interested In owning the piece, but it is one I think I will hold onto, as a reminder that we all get broken once in a while, and that it is okay. In fact it sometimes is necessary. So I say embrace it. If you get broken, wear it with pride, paint it, write it, sing it. For on the other side of broken is something wonderful waiting for you.


I recently was commissioned to do two large paintings. I would like to share with you what a brilliant process that was. The gentleman that asked me to do the works allowed me complete freedom. How lovely that was. I spent a few hours getting to know him, looked around his home, and then I set out to honor him by creating two pieces that I felt would resonate with him, and who he was as an individual. The process was wonderful. I am excited to show you the pieces which are located on my new website. Please take a look and enjoy. The new pieces are entitled “Unfold Your Own Myth” and “Rise up, Whispers The Wind. One of the new pieces contains graffiti. And oh how much fun I had dappling in that freeing form of expression. Graffiti is sure to show up in my next paintings, especially since,  I am in Cyprus right now, and low and behold Cyprus has some absolutely amazing street artists! What a wonderful surprise it was for me when I came across street after street of this type of art. You can see some of their work in the photos I have included with this blog.

If you have a chance, go to Cyprus. Delve in the old town and its art filled streets, dip your toes into the warmth of the Mediterranean, dine on the delicacies of the sea , and above all, Dare to live a life that delights and delivers all that you deserve.